Zeta Ophiuchi (Zeta Oph)

This painting is inspired by the star, Zeta Ophiuchi (Zeta Oph) in infrared. Part of my nebula/star series. I was trying something different, which didn’t go quite as planned. I drew the ink sacred geometry before painting in black and soon realized it would be lost in the painting process. Luckily, I scanned the work in process before there was too much paint and I was able to isolate and digitally change the color of the middle part of the geometry to white so it could be seen better. Materials List: Paper: Bee Paper 100% Rag 140# Cold Press Watercolor; Paint: Daniel Smith Watercolor and Holbein Gouache; Brushes: Protege 512 Flat (3/4″), Princeton 8 round, Loew-Cornell 3 round; Pens: Ohto Graphic Liner 02 and Uniball Signo White Gel Pen; +minor level adjustments and digital editing to the sacred geometry symbol in Photoshop

Published by

Jane Mills

Dreamer, analog junkie, collector. I’m an Indianapolis based artist, illustrator and self publisher with a focus on space art.I create to inspire and empower through art, music, DIY/Zine culture, and comics.When I’m not making art, I enjoy reading, going on adventures with Vyvyan (the wonder pup) and playing bass/singing in my bands.

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