Unseen Moon.

This video shows the Earth’s Moon, firstly rotating about it’s axis, followed by a view moving around the limb of the Moon. This provides views never seen from Earth.

4k, 50 frames a second for smooth animation, best watched on a large screen.

Also you will find that these unusual views really bring out lines and chains of craters, and bright ray craters that are not seen clearly, if at all, from Earth. At the 26 second mark, the huge southern Aitken Basin is nicely shown, and at 2 minutes 1 second, the impressive impact basis on Mare Orientale is particularly clear.

The texture showing craters strongly was built by me.

The soundtrack is the CC licensed “Study in D”, by the consistently superb Cousin Silas, from the album “A beginners guide to looping.”

Published by

Nick Stevens

I studied astronomy at University College London, but failed to get my degree. For many years pre-internet, I ran the bulletin board "Starbase 1", which is why you will frequently see me referring to myself as that! I was on the board of the IAAA. I operate exclusively in digital formats using many different software packages. Most often Lightwave 3d, Vue, Gaea, and Affinity Photo. I also enjoy oddball graphics packages like Xenodream, Amberlight, and others.

I'm particularly interested in the early Soviet space program, and I have served as a consultant on that subject.

This artwork is copyright © Nick Stevens. All rights reserved.