Two Man Rover

Again, elements of this image are courtesy of NASA. Thanks to those that answered David’s question about using NASA images. There is one NASA image that is not for usage. Their blue “meatball” logo is not allowed to be used as it is trademarked. I remove it from any image I use including this one. I also remove mission patches as they can contain crew names. The 2 man rover was taken from an image of this vehicle being tested on Earth. I extracted the vehicle and astronauts from its background and placed it on a photo of dry lakebed near my house. Shadows and tire tracks were then painted in photoshop. I then “burn and dodge” areas in PS to match light and shadows. The star field was also painted in photoshop. The large water covered planet was created from a blue circle that has been treated with lighting effects in PS to create a 3D planet feel. The clouds are from a cylindrical cloud map produced by satellite. The cloud map is sphereized and placed on the planet.

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Marc Ward

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