Triton’s ocean

I revisited an old idea of Triton having a liquid water ocean on it’s surface shortly after Neptune captured it. Tidal forses during Triton’s capture would have generated enough heat in it’s core to melt water ice on it’s surface. It would also have a thich atmosphere back then. After Triton setled into a more stable orbit around Neptune tidal forses diminished and the heat sourse faded away refreezing it’s surface back into an icy wasteland we can see today. I did not pursued realism while working on this painting, just wanted to keep my original vision intact. Digital painting.

Published by

Justinas Vitkus

I am a self taught artist born and raised in Lithuania, working as a freelance illustrator. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the night sky. I used to spend entire nights, gazing at the stars through my window. My childish curiosity compelled me to find out more about the sky above. And more I learned, the more intrested I got in astronomy. I kept reading about all these worlds out there and I wanted to see and visit them all. I couldn't. But I got to do the next best thing. I could imagine them and transfer all that onto canvas. With years passing I managed to keep this passion alive. I got better at painting, I learned more about the planets and moons of our Solar system. And if I wanted more freedom from the science facts of the known worlds, I could always go further and imagine far away worlds, orbiting distant stars. The Universe is vast and no idea can be too big, or too crazy for it.

This artwork is copyright © Justinas Vitkus. All rights reserved.