Total Solar Eclipse

Watercolor on paper. I used masking fluid for the sacred geometry symbol and cleaned it up with a white gel pen. The black of the moon was done with black India ink. I was so blessed to be able to view the total solar eclipse in August 2017. A group of us drove to east of Hopkinsville, KY with no real plans. We called up a few spots, drove to a campsite field in the middle of nowhere at night before the day of the eclipse. We camped, celebrated finding a place, and took photos of the stars. Without knowing until that next day, we ended up being in the central line with a hill to view all horizons. That trip was one of the best memories I have and seeing the eclipse was possibly the best 2+ minutes of my life.

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Jane Mills

Dreamer, analog junkie, collector. I’m an Indianapolis based artist, illustrator and self publisher with a focus on space art.I create to inspire and empower through art, music, DIY/Zine culture, and comics.When I’m not making art, I enjoy reading, going on adventures with Vyvyan (the wonder pup) and playing bass/singing in my bands.