Tile Triptych

For something new at the recent Novacon 47 convention I produced some hand-painted tiles, each 10 x 20cm, as a ‘triptych’ — ie. 3 of one subject. This one is entitled ‘Under the Same Sun’, and shows a landscape with basically the same composition, but one on Earth, one on the Moon, and one on Mars. And here is me working on them! (Those of you who are on Facebook may have seen these — they are for those who aren’t.)

Published by

David A. Hardy

Former President and currently European Vice President of the IAAA. Art first published in 1952, freelance since 1965. Writer, editor and designer of 'Visions of Space', 1989. Other major books: 'Hardyware', 2001, Futures: 50 Years in Space (with Sir Patrick Moore) 2004, etc., etc. See: http://www.astroart.org/#!hardy-profile/c1a9q

This artwork is copyright © David A. Hardy. All rights reserved.