The Rocket Prince / Prologue

These illustrations is part of the picture book “The Rocket Prince”.It is a series of picture books completed in 12 volumes in all. This is part of the prologue scene. The Rocket Prince’s theme is “dream” and “universe”. It is an adventure story of the prince who realizes his dream on the stage of the magnificent universe. Facebook

Published by

Mayuko Ishii

Occupation and Bio: I am the picture book author and president of ASTRAX STUDIO LLC,a production company in Japan. Background and History: I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Information from the KEIO University in 1996. I have worked at an IT company for about 10 years as a designer and illustrator. I established ASTRAX STUDIO in 2014 and started making picture books. I am planning to make a picture book into an application in order to spread my own picture book around the world.

This artwork is copyright © Mayuko Ishii. All rights reserved.