The Rocket Prince / 3rd

This illustration is part of the picture book “The Rocket Prince”. It is a series of picture books completed in 12 volumes. This is part of the third volume scene. Rocket’s fuel is “Music”. Rocket itself is a big “music box”. The top machine room has screws and springs. At the center of the rocket there is a large pillar, and it is always turning around with the power of the upper springs. This pillar spinning the music box that in a under room. Rocket convert music that sounds from that music box into liquid fuel. Facebook

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Mayuko Ishii

Occupation and Bio: I am the picture book author and president of ASTRAX STUDIO LLC,a production company in Japan. Background and History: I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Information from the KEIO University in 1996. I have worked at an IT company for about 10 years as a designer and illustrator. I established ASTRAX STUDIO in 2014 and started making picture books. I am planning to make a picture book into an application in order to spread my own picture book around the world.

This artwork is copyright © Mayuko Ishii. All rights reserved.