The Orion Nebula

This fiber art piece was inspired by a deep space image of the Orion Nebula from the Hubble Telescope. It is a stellar nursery where new stars are born in the glorious colors of the primordial gasses in the constellation of Orion, one of my favorite Winter sky objects. It is a whole cloth design using an Artisan Spirit Expressions fabric for the background, fabric paints and dyes, and heavily thread painted with colors complementing the subject for texture and design, which accentuates the patterns in the nebula. I am continuing to explore deep space subjects in this series of art quilts and decided on a new trajectory using paint dyes to create my subject matter, rather than with piecing and applique as I have done on other space art quilts I have created in the past few years.

Published by

Robin Hart

This artwork is copyright © Robin Hart. All rights reserved.