The Future Is Here

THE FUTURE IS HERE”, a view of the historic SpaceX Starship launch on 4/20/23. Watercolor, metallic watercolor and ink on cotton, 6×12”.

This piece had a mind of its own! I originally chose the reference photo because of the stark whiteness of the background, thinking it would be an interesting, more abstract piece… instead it became a more technical piece with a complicated background and Art Nouveau borders? (Might have to do a series of these!)

Published by

Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose is a watercolorist and illustrator, often combining ink drawing with watercolors. She has a lifelong relationship with art, and is inspired by the works of Mucha, van Gogh, Turner, Alan Lee, John Howe, Alan Bean, Robert McCall, and Hayao Miyazaki. With a background in geology, an incurable love of spaceflight, and a deep love of the natural world, Danielle is also a jeweler, gemologist, writer, graphic designer, Star Wars nerd and Sailor Moon fan. She lives in Oregon.

This artwork is copyright © Danielle Rose. All rights reserved.