The Archives

I sometimes sit and wonder how far we’d have got if we didn’t have to take an environment with us everywhere, this squishy meatsack we inhabit really is quite restrictive. With only one known place that can actually support us it makes me think, what if we could digitise ourselves? this gave rise to a whole series of artwork called “the archives”. the concept of the archives was in the years after the singularity artificial intelligence started solving all our problems, what it saw as our biggest weakness was this current form we have. It though about this for 2.3754 seconds and came up with the solution, digitise the humans and sends them off on their merry way in large archive ships, no life support needed right? apart from the power required to keep the 3D memory matrixes alive but now we had fusion, a paltry task for the AI, now we could truly explore

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Jason Podmore

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