Steve in the Sky

My rendition of a dazzling display I witnessed in 2016 of the phenomenon in astronomy known as “Steve”, or Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. A separate phenomenon from the aurora borealis, STEVE inspires awe and wonder, and captivates the imagination of artists and scientists alike. Acrylic.

Published by

Daniel Dahan

Daniel Dahan is an aspiring astronomer, artist, youtube content creator, runner, adventurer, and wildlife photographer. He is constantly inspired by the wonders that nature present him, and wants to absorb as much as he can from inspiration in natural settings. As someone who struggles with screen addiction at times, Daniel tries as much as possible to go outside or work on a painting! He is a graduate of CCA's MFA in Comics program, as well as participant in multiple art shows. He is currently building his youtube channel Adventure Art and trying to learn how to use his telescopes.

This artwork is copyright © Daniel Dahan. All rights reserved.