Starlight over Craters

This is the purple extraterrestrial landscape in my Rainbow Portfolio. I’ve used four colours: Prism Violet, Ultramaine, Prussian Blue, and Chroma White (mixing together to get different shades). I get really frustrates whenever I paint rocky features, it’s both fun and irritating at the same time. But the end result is usually good and I’m pleased with the results this time. I’ve also painted in the main star in a different way…normally I’d airbrush it in, but this time I used a synthetic brush. I wanted to create a little texture around the star to suggest light rays, but without the usual camera flare, so I carefully flicked the tip of the brush from the outside edge towards the centre in multiple layers of dark blue/purple through to white, decreasing the distance from the centre with each lighter layer of colour as I went. I’ve not done this technique before but it does give an interesting effect. I decided to give the illusion of heavy vapour filling the insides of the craters and within the slightly deeper areas of the surface outside of the craters – I think the finished look is quite effective.

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Jackie Burns

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