Sputnik 1 60th anniversary

On 4th October 1957 — 60 years ago today! — the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched by the Soviet Union. When I made this gouache painting of it some said the antennae would have sprung out to right angles, but having seen photos I thought this was unlikely. . .

Published by

David A. Hardy

Former President and currently European Vice President of the IAAA. Art first published in 1952, freelance since 1965. Writer, editor and designer of 'Visions of Space', 1989. Other major books: 'Hardyware', 2001, Futures: 50 Years in Space (with Sir Patrick Moore) 2004, etc., etc. See: http://www.astroart.org/#!hardy-profile/c1a9q

This artwork is copyright © David A. Hardy. All rights reserved.