Spiral Galaxy M74

Messier 74 is some 32 million light-years distant in the constellation Pisces. Its arms contain clusters of young blue stars and glowing pink regions of ionized hydrogen. This 20 x 20 acrylic painting on canvas is embellished with garnet and other ingredients to give it depth and twinkle to the stars.

Published by

Patty Heibel

“When life gives you lemons…paint them!” Life is full of accidents and one led to a significant change in my artistic approach and style. It has taken me down a bold new path and I’ve never been more excited about my work! I began making art as a nature and abstract photographer working many years to master my vision behind the camera and in the darkroom. With a degree and career in science, the laboratory is now an art studio where I conduct visual and technical experiments. I have the need to constantly explore, inquire, develop and change and believe it’s important to continually educate ourselves, push our limits and enjoy the process. Each painting is an experiment in the materials, application process or the presentation. I’ve moved away from painting in the traditional fashion and use its solid foundation to go beyond craftsmanship and push the mediums into new artistic territory. A third dimension is added to my work by using acrylic mediums, metals, glass, gemstones and other ‘secret’ ingredients to create sculptural depth and interest. These paintings of astronomical bodies include galaxies, nebulae, constellations and planets. They are a bridge between realism and abstraction, providing a wealth of intense color, structures, patterns and textures. Research into these heavenly bodies includes books, the Internet, NASA’s resources and direct contact with astro-photographers for images to transform. These are ‘astronomically correct’ in respect to major star and galaxy placement within the area depicted. These paintings can be displayed in any direction as the heavens rotate, giving you various perspectives through a porthole of the universe! Before calling a painting ready for show or sale it first needs to be technically sound. Most importantly it needs to engage you, the viewer. “I believe it's important to continually cultivate my sense of wonder and to educate myself on the world we live in, including the spaces currently beyond our reach. It brings me joy to share these discoveries through my art.” … Patty Heibel

This artwork is copyright © Patty Heibel. All rights reserved.