Pure Silver Retro Rocket Brooch

Made from PMC (Precious Metal Clay) – a product invented in Japan from the waste product of the metal industry. It is powdered silver, combined with water and an organic binding agent that can be sculptured, cut, texturised and then fired. When fired the moisture and organic binding agent is burnt off, leaving just the metal behind – the fired metal will have shrunk as a result, and my brooch shrunk by 10 per cent. PMC can be made from any metal, but some metals require a different working technique and different temperatures and time in the kiln to fire. Once out of the kiln the newly fired metal needs to be polished to bring the metal surface up to standard. I sculptured the original shape and once fired and polished, I took a mould of the rocket and can use that mould to create multiple pieces and use them as either pendants or brooches.

Published by

Jackie Burns

This artwork is copyright © Jackie Burns. All rights reserved.