This was an image I created from the assets I made for an animation about the solar wind affect on Phobos.

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Michael Lentz

I am the Art Director at NASA Goddard's Conceptual Image Lab. Here I guide the day to day creative on projects both within and outside the studio to ensure that artistic and technical quality is upheld. In addition, I review and approve designs, artwork, and animation developed by artists. I also develop design concepts, oversee the visual appearance of projects and identify areas where innovation can improve productivity. Prior to working at NASA Goddard, I was freelancing for over 8 years. During that time I created a wide-range of art and animation for clients such as: Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, PBS, History Channel and NASA I also worked in the National Geographic Television Art Department for 10 years. In that position I became an accomplished artist and animator, developing elements for numerous Emmy award winning shows such as National Geographic ‘Explorer’ and ‘Specials’.