OSIRIS-REx samples asteroid Bennu

After months of surveying the asteroid Bennu on October 20th of 2020 the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft descended to Bennu’s rocky surface. Compressed nitrogen was used to extract dust from the asteroid. The sample container was then placed into a small reentry vehicle for return to Earth. This illustration depicts the moment the sample was extracted. Modelled in Lightwave and rendered in Adobe Dimensions.

Published by

Raymond Cassel

Raymond is an award-winning illustrator, designer and photographer. To date, Raymond has created design work for a variety of industries including aviation, telecommunications, medical equipment, environmental, training, science education, and non-profit. Throughout his career Raymond has managed projects as diverse as large print runs; construction of an airplane cockpit mock-up for tradeshows; interactive multimedia; graphic user interfaces; video and animation; and corporate branding. Raymond graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a BA in industrial design. As a result of his education many aspects of industrial design are apparent in his design process. This experience allows Raymond to think beyond two-dimensional design. He is able to build rough form-study mock-ups in a digital or physical representation.

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