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Michelle Rouch

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Michelle Rouch is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about combining art and engineering to transform a kid’s mind in thinking of a future in aerospace. She is a self-taught artist, who blends technical knowledge and accuracy with ability to redefine abstraction between finite lines. She uses her artwork as an Outreach tool, earning many STEM Awards and also gained recognition by being nominated for the Arizona Governor's Arts Awards. Michelle is the Chair for American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics AIAA Tucson Section, Founder & Co-chair of the Tucson-Chapter of International Association of Astronomical Artists, Artist Professional with American Society of Aviation Artists, public speaker, appointed on the Tucson Public Arts Council Board, served as Artist Judge for Arizona Congressional District 2 for 4 consecutive years and recently became an Advisory Board Member for Higher Orbits. Besides being an artist, her day job consumes already 30 plus years of her life in system engineering working for Department of Defense, overseeing major weapon systems. Rouch serves as a technical advisor in generating strategic information for MDA, Navy, Air Force, and the Army.

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