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David A. Hardy

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Former President and currently European Vice President of the IAAA. Art first published in 1952, freelance since 1965. Writer, editor and designer of 'Visions of Space', 1989. Other major books: 'Hardyware', 2001, Futures: 50 Years in Space (with Sir Patrick Moore) 2004, etc., etc. See:!hardy-profile/c1a9q

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Tourists at Viking 1

Clavius in 3D

Mars Canyon

Dust Storm on Titan (Hardy)

Skiing on Europa

'Mars: Then and Now'

Season's Greetings!



Tile Triptych

Tile Triptych

Sputnik 1 60th anniversary

Final Moments of Cassini

Lava 2

Lava 1

Iceland Workshop 1988

Vaisseaux Spatiaux

Visions of Space 2

Visions of Space 2

Visions of Space 2



Ringed Earth

Two Worlds