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Joel Hagen

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An award-winning artist and animator, Joel Hagen is a founding member of the IAAA. He is a MER collaborator, part of the Opportunity rover science operations team and has produced image products for the Opportunity, Phoenix and Pathfinder missions. A retired computer graphics instructor, Joel works with digital and traditional media as well as 3D printing and print surface treatments. Joel also designs extra-terrestrial life forms and biomes. His work has appeared on PBS, BBC, NHK in Japan, Discovery and National Geographic channels.


Lunar approach.


Desert Lab

Desert Launch

Orbiting the Ocean Planet

Building the Wheel

Jupiter, Callisto and Ganymede 2008

Mars close approach

Mars 2005

Crescent Nebula

Gamma Cygni region

Field Sketches from Utah

Field Sketches

Field Sketches, Iceland

Uranus from Miranda

Io Plume