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Kevin Davies

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Originally from London England, moving to Brisbane, Australia in 1977, and studied visual art at the University of Southern Queensland in the early 1990’s, Being a child of the 1960’s was a great time, we had Lost in Space in 68, Star Trek In 1969, not to mention the works of Gerry Anderson, and of course the ultimate ; 2001 A Space Odyssey. After seeing those programs and that particular film, my mind was blown, my interest in outer space took off, I wish my early scribblings had been kept, trying to visualise on paper, scenes from the 2001 & the Lost worlds of 2001 books, was difficult, of great interest were the descriptions of the Jupiter entry probe, images of which Dave and Frank watched on the Discovery’s screens. Christmas of 1972 ; Dave Hardy’s Challenge of the Stars was a much loved present from my parents, which I still have, along with books containing works by Ludek Pesek. Trying to reproduce those wonderful paintings was frustrating to say the least, the skills needed weren’t gained until sometime later in life.


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