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Manon Levasseur

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About the Artist

Born in a small village by the cliffs of Normandy, France, Manon started drawing as early as she could hold a pencil. Self taught, she always wanted to improves herself by learning new techniques by trial and error.

At 18 years old, she was dreaming of new horizons, and was eager to discover the North American culture. To achieve this goal, she planned her departure and, with a twinge of sorrow, left her friends and family to study a bachelor’s degree in Montreal, Canada.

After her graduation, she was given a once of a lifetime opportunity to work as a manager at Amazon Canada. But after a short while into her new job, she was reconsidered her life :
“I loved my job, my colleagues were adorable and the opportunity do a successful career was wide open for me. But, I simply felt that my purpose was not there, that I was not meant for that. I’ve been ignoring what makes me vibrate : making art. This reconsideration was clear for me : I wanted to become the artist I’ve always aspired to be.”

She took the difficult decision to stray away from the the paved road and, in 2021 moved to Florida so to pursue her lifetime call and goal : to become an artist. She’s now following her American dream and became a full time painter.

Why Space Art ?
The question is more : Why not ? This is such a contemporary and endless subject often forgotten or neglected from the majority of artists. We are constantly painting landscapes and scenery from Earth itself, why not from a totally different perspective?

With the upcoming space events like the next moon landing (with the Artemis missions) or the exciting and unbelievable Mars colonization, planned for the next decades, she wants to share that unique facet of Human History.

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