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Patty Avalon

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My paintings blend the views of outer space afforded us from telescopes and space travel, with the poetry of my personal vision of celestial landscapes. I allow enthusiastic brushwork and many transparent layers of paint to form a unique interpretation of ‘the data’. In painting the billowing veils of nebula, spiraling arms of galaxies, empty voids and brilliant stars, I surrender
to the fact that I am not creating them, but rather, creating paintings of them.

Patty Ray Avalon has a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in printmaking from Indiana University. She has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and The Central School of Art and Design in London.
For 25 years she ran a mural business in Washington DC, and taught consciousness studies at The Monroe Institute in Virginia for 20 years. She was an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Hollins College in Virginia.
She has launched her space painting genre just in the past three years and now has her paintings in collections around the United States. She has recently had three one woman shows and participated in several group exhibits since January of 2017.

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January Orion Painting

Milky Way Core

Milky Way Over Pyramids

The Carina Nebula

M66 Galaxy Painting

Blood Moon

Thor's Helmut Nebula