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Annika Kreikenbohm

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The universe is an amazing playground. Thanks to physics we are able to explore this wonderful world and discover phenomena which lie beyond our own perception. I have always been fascinated by the concept of spacetime and the evolution of the universe. Hence, I studied physics and graduated as PhD in astronomy in 2019. However, my fascination for astronomy has always been accompanied by an interest in art and philosophy. I think visualization is a big part of science. In fact, besides data analysis it was one of my favorite exercises in science to turn complex or abstract concepts into an image.
I became interested in science communication through visualization and studied communication design during my PhD and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2020.
I think both the general public as well as scientist benefit from interactive (data) visualizations. Therefore I am specializing in creating interactive virtual environments in which abstract world become real and interactable, ready to be explore by both researchers and laymen.

Currently, I work as both astronomer and information designer at the physics institute of the University of Wuerzburg in the department of teaching.

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3D Mapping of the MASER disk in NGC 1194

The Tangible Universe

The Tangible Universe

The Tangible Universe