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Peyton Scot Muehlmeier

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I have been including science in my art since high school. I often created pieces that related to patterns in nature that repeat, on different levels or size.
I grew up with a mom who was a talented artist/art historian and she exposed me to all the artists of the past, but mostly to the renaissance artists. Our cats were named Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.
By watching her working with paints, fabrics, ink, and various sculpture materials, I followed her path. I have worked with them all, as she did. Her sister worked on the NASA shuttle so I was lucky & treated to all things space related at an early age.
I continued to create through out my career in the family business, sometimes filling night clubs that I designed with my unique art.
Retired now I'm finding more time than ever to develop works that are space science related.
In short, to me...Subject matter...matters.
The last 40 years have been an amazing time for cosmology and the beauty behind fractal concepts like
clustering, branching and spiraling continue to inspire me.
Besides sculpture and painting I have designed and silk screened 54"W astro fabric on chinovino, written and illustrated a short space industry comedy called the Devine Steeples of Waukesha and created my own series of space related cartoons called Private Space. The main character is an observatory.


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