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Michael Finn

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Mick Finn a.k.a. Koori boy is a contemporary mixed-media artist producing Australian aboriginal-inspired digital paintings and animations with a focus on futuristic tech-creatures and space environment art. From realistic portrayals of galaxies and exo-planets to fictional futuristic character, the wide wide universe is a start point for art that aims to inspire a sense of ʻwowʼ and ʻwhat if?ʼ. As half of Kuki Koori, the live art and music collective, Koori boy has animated astronomical illustrations live at various new Zealand venues including Carter Observatory/Space Place, Gardens Magic and CubaDupa Festiva l(Wellington, NZ) and the 3-day Splore Festival (Auckland, NZ). As well as an ongoing Kuki Koori collaboration with Iain Gordon (keyboardist Fat Freddyʼs Drop, The Roots, The Ebb, Bongmaster) Mick has performed live with varied artists such as Olmecha Supreme, Rhombus and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

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Planetary drift.


Well dressed man(?) about the Pillars (of Creation)

Live Space-time visuals with music.

Live space

Oils and butterfly wings

The Butterfly Nebula

Thoughts of space

Space Trippin - live snippet

Who is Kuki Koori

Selfie: White dwarf star dragging mass from a red giant.

Cosmic creation stories