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Jett McIntyre Furr

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Jett McIntyre Furr is an artist and graphic designer from Stanly County, North Carolina. His parents named him for aviation, and since an early age has had great interest in all things aviation and space related. Jett's primary training from college is in graphic design, but he also has experience with character design, digital paintings, 3D modeling, and video editing. He has previously worked as an intern and then volunteer at PBS affiliate WTVI Charlotte, and currently is available for freelance work, having done commissions mainly for individuals and a local game company. Lately, Jett has been applying what he has learned back to his love of space, and has a particular interest in the gas giants and exoplanets, using the digital brush to explore places and ideas that people have yet to explore themselves. Career-wise, Jett is looking to get into the animation industry and design characters and backgrounds for animated shows, and he is also looking into how to do illustration or other art and design work for space-related jobs. In joining the IAAA he hopes to learn from the experiences of community members and share what he learns in turn, and to possibly open up opportunities for professional work. Though most of all, he just wants to learn new things about space and be able to discuss it with artists around the world. There's always more to learn!

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The Stars Below

The Great Comet: 3 Scenes

The Great Comet: 3 Scenes

The Great Comet: 3 Scenes

Sailing Over Diamond Shoals

Through the Roche Limit

Oasis Plants

Harvest Moon

Earth Viewing Udon - 地球見うどん

Tanegashima Launch 2075

Hot Jupiter: Planetary Icarus

Staring at the Sun

Galilean Hiking: Callisto

Galilean Hiking: Ganymede

Galilean Hiking: Europa

Galilean Hiking: Io

Venusian Morning

Markland Station, Titan

Old Stories by the Rose Moonlight.

Fraternal Twins

Neptune and the Geysers of Triton

Polar Orbit of Uranus


Black Hole Study 2

View From a Low Orbit Ring

Approach to Pan Outpost

Frying Pan Shoal Nebula

Hearthstone Valley

Rendezvous from Kuiper

Sunrise Breakfast