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Daniel (Dan Aug ) Augusto Chiesa

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Daniel Augusto Chiesa (Dan Aug ) • Born in Montevideo, Uruguay (23th. January 1956).-Italian - Uruguayan Citizenship. • Bachelor Degree in Chemistry (Years 1976 – 1980). Universidad de la República,- U.delaR. - Uruguay. • Bachelor's Degree in Physics (Year 1988). Facultad de Ciencias (U.delaR.) Uruguay. • Electronic and TelecommunicationsTelechnician National Schools, L.A. California, USA (year 1975). IADE (Montevideo, Uruguay, year 1977) • Worked in private companies as Electronic Technician and Consultant for many different Enterprises related to Electronics Telecommunication and Information Technology in Uruguay and USA (period of the years 1976 -1998). • Physics Proffessor working for different corporations (Years 1974 -1978, Uruguay). • Contractor for Telecommunications projects onboard many different ships of the Carnival Cruise Lines.(Florida, Virginia, California, USA - Years 1997 - 2001) • Operations Supervisor at the Reefers Containers Repair Depot Division at Company RIN S.A. (Montevideo, Uruguay , years 2002 – 2007). • General Manager in 2 companies related to mining activities (Areneras Arrospide S.A.) and Maritime Dredging Operations (Dogalmar S.A.) . (San José -Montevideo, Uruguay years 2008 - 2016). First Meeting with the Art Scene • Early at year 2002 Dan Aug makes the first contact with the artistic activity and Art scene, beginning his art career as a self-taught artist just when returning to Uruguay from abroad. * Since then (2002) he began a rapid and successful career, (Year 2005 First Prize Award in a worldwide art contest) in the field of the visual arts, achieving and channeling strong creative impulses enhanced by his knowledge of issues related to his profession (Physical Sciences and Technology) and mainly his constant research in the field of Astronomy, Astro Physics and Cosmology, capturing on canvas the theories and axioms that are as real as nontangible. We should also remark his continued admiration of Ancient Egypt Civilization, its mystical teachings and the characterization of life, which has acted and influenced definitively in the creation of his first series of paintings, (very figurative), which is called - " Dream in Giza " - In later series of his career, we find that the abstraction is the best vehicle for his creative expressions. We find in the artworks of the Series "Universe" and "Infinite" all the paintings that reflects his passion and admiration for the Cosmos and Cosmology where he finds the unlimited fount of inspiration.

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Supernova Remnants

"Supernova Remnants"

"Known Universe"

"Eclipse of Sun"

"Genesis of a Solar System"