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Lucas Gibim

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Hi, I'm Lucas Gibim. I'm a space artist and sci-fi illustrator.
I'm passionate about space sciences, such as astronomy, astrophysics, graduated in Physics and Graphic Design, plastic and digital artist, as well as amateur astronomer, passions that I bring with me since childhood, and use all my knowledge to compose images that portray the immensity and the mysteries of planets, galaxies and the entire universe.
I've been an artist since I was 6 years old. My taste in astronomy, paleontology, archeology, geology and related subjects also started in childhood, influenced by sci-fi films like Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and more! I have as an idol Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and so on, where the illustrations in the books of these writers and science authors inspired him in his interest in space art and, consequently, in knowing, the International Association of Astronomical Artists! I am also a member of, due to my internationally recognized talent in space art.
If you also like to look at the sky at night and let your imagination run over what is out there, I invite you to come with me on this adventure through space art. I hope you dive with me through the stars and galaxies!!!

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