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Bonjour! My name is Christelle Desangles, and I have been painting as an artist for about 8 years. I am French and live in the southwest of France in Brive La Gaillarde. I was born in September 1978. As far back as I can remember, drawing, painting, and music have always been essential to my life as great sources of personal fulfillment. I am a self-taught artist. My instinct and work have enabled me to reach the point of comfort and satisfaction with where I am today. I would have loved to be working in the fine arts or have become a music teacher, but my family (parents) wanted and preferred something different, a less uncertain future for me when I was very young. So, for many years that I carried sadness not to be able to realize this dream, I had to resign myself to leaving my artistic desires aside, and pursue an alternative career. Some years later, life finally brought me back to my brushes and canvas. Hard to imagine that I almost let the world go by without realizing how essential art was to me. Simply put, the artist in me greatly desired to be with brushes, colors, and music. Eventually, the abstract form emerged as a powerful liberation within my imagination and found itself weaving into my creative art. As a painter, I do not fall into a category of hyper-realism. In fact, I paint rather exclusively with instinct and am always accompanied by music. I paint mainly using acrylic with brushes, and on canvasses of medium to large sizes. When I paint, I need open space in order to feel free with my movements upon the canvas. Music composers such as Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez, Ryuchi Sakamoto, and Max Richter often accompany me in my creations. As for viewers, I like to leave them to their organically free thoughts and feelings when they look at my paintings. For this reason, I do not wish to give titles to these paintings so that the viewer’s imagination is not influenced, guided, or distraction. Each person can perceive whatever he/she wants to see. I so appreciate that freedom of interpretation. Today, I have found my way, my calling, my artistic signature, if you will: space, the cosmos, the sun, and nebulae are what I enjoy painting most of all. I am a passionate lover of heaven .. of space. Since childhood, every morning and evening, it was very natural for me to gaze upward toward the vast, infinite sky. This endlessness always reminds me of the beauty of our earth and its fragility. We are so very small in the midst of this immensity. I shall never tire of this wonder. Along with this wonder and out further into the vastness, the cosmos holds for me the finest works of art in an explosion of colors and movements. The Hubble Space Telescope and the various publications disseminated by NASA and ESA are all great sources of inspiration and knowledge for me as an artist. Art is everywhere and especially up and out in space; the Earth, also, offers us its most beautiful works of art from all over the home planet. French astronaut Thomas PESQUET, of the European Space Agency, has been able to share with us from the International Space Station, the illustrious landscapes of our land. Many of these photos he captured and transmitted down to us made me think of lovely abstract paintings. I like to think that can be my paintings will inspire and/or influence curiosities about the space domain .. merely by my modest contribution. I invite you to dive into one of my nebulae, travel and feel transported. Gaze at one of my paintings as if you were observing a summer sky while lying in the cool grass … this is the best personal reward when viewers relate to me of the emotions and feelings they experience. Touching people’s senses and emotions, causing them to dream, inspiring them to question our universe, and inviting them to travel in their minds … these are the greatest rewards hailing from my artwork. With my vision, feelings, sensitivity, and passion for the cosmos, I try to convey all the goodness of existence that this special realm brings me. It is my hope that the person who looks upon my creations will feel these similar emotions, sensations, and wonders. My artwork has been exhibited in a Parisian gallery. I have also been featured in various solo exhibitions. I In September 2017, one of my dreams will come true when a video projection of my artwork will be featured at the Auriol space encounters. (Auriol is a city near to Marseille in south of France ) As part of this honor, I will have the immense joy of presenting my artwork to the public and to a special guest: NASA astronaut Anna Fisher, mission specialist who flew on Shuttle Discovery, STS-51A (1984), and assigned as mission specialist on Shuttle Challenger, STS-61H, before this shuttle’s accident. I feel so fortunate to live out a beautiful adventure, rich with wonderful encounters. My work has evolved much over the years; it is refined and brings endless pleasure in such a creative activity. Each painting I originate is the unique accomplishment of what animates and fascinates me. In the future, I do not see myself living without being able to paint .. it is my breath and lifeline. I aspire to keep working and working, and to share with others my personal vision of the cosmos. I feel that my painting presents a wonderful opportunity to be this spiritual link between space and my audience, so that questions are generated, dreams are conjured, and interest in the space domain is inspired, because exploration is most assuredly always in our future. Space also naturally awaken awareness of the fragility of our own precious planet. Behold .. the breathtaking beauty of this infinite immensity that is a constant above our heads. I hope the stars will continue to talk to me as long as I live. Feet on earth, head in the stars .. I am and shall ever remain… --Christelle Exhibitions and Collaborations « Auriol Space Encounters » A video projection of my paintings is planned in Auriol (city in southern France) during this meeting, where NASA astronaut Anna Fischer will be the guest of honor. (September 2017) « Cosmos: The Colors of the Universe » Exhibition in the Church of Saint-Cyprien (June 2017) Ministry of Defense, 126th Infantry Regiment Auction sale evening to the profits of war-wounded French soldiers and their families Brive La Gaillarde (France) (December 2016) Personal exhibition at the Chantilly Brive la Gaillarde (France) November 2016 (2 weeks) Collaborated with composer Frank Ayers for his covers of record sleeves:  - Footnotes April 20, 2014 - Different Skies in November 2014 - Heart of the Sun in 2016 School of Saint Robert Afternoon artwork and exhibition to the introduction of art with a class students age 9 (October 2013) Exhibition in Saint Robert: concert exhibition with the musician Antoine Mas (July 2010) Exhibition at the church of Saint-Cyprien (19) (September 2009) Publication of one of my paintings in the official galleries and museums of June 2009 Personal exhibition at the Galerie Artéconte From 12/06/2009 to 19/06/2009 (Paris 6ème) Exhibition at the Galerie Artéconte From 2/05/2009 to 9/05/2009 (Paris 6ème) Exhibition at the Galerie Artéconte From 21/02/2009 to 28/02/2009 (Paris 6ème)

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