Malian Iconography amid the Cosmos

Image 1 This digital painting represents the iconic imagery of Mali from their viewpoint of the cosmos, sourrounded by the cosmos as to how far we can see today through technological a viewpoint. The nexus of the two cosmic views, eons apart, is a fascination for the observer on the far right. Image 2 digital print fromm painting, reveals the future fast overwhelming the past as the atmosphere filled with particles, photons and space debris loom in the background. Image 3 depcits what Voyager may have encoiuntered and teh shape of dreams, philosophies, and conumdrums of the unknown that went with it.

Published by

Barbara King

My visual arts practice began early, was augmented by studies at the Otis College of Art in Los Angeles, which included TV/Film production. The trajectory of my practice began with the traditional visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) to specifically space-themed art, adding digital layers onto images of my paintings and photographs. I recently graduated with an MPhil Space Studies from the University of Cape Town.

I enrolled as an artist, TV producer and journalist to accurately produce documentaries regarding space's applications and its importance to society as well as heighten space art’s visibility within the space science community.

I produce articles, media, paintings, and prints to fulfill the feel and function of engagement, inspiration and education of the arts for myself and the viewers. Hopefully adding to the body of knowledge, like those of my predecessors, to the disciplines of both space and art.

This artwork is copyright © Barbara King. All rights reserved.