Magnificent Minutes

My journey in the infinite universe continues, and of course I have you all with me in my comfortable intergalactic ship, where you now for a long time, only have been able to see distant galaxies when you looked out the window from your luxurious cabins. We have long approached a Barred spiral galaxy, where I discovered an Earth-like planet in a binary star system with a panoramic view of the galaxy itself. The computer informed me of a very nice event, that can be seen if we land in the right region at the exact time, and here we are. The natives do not yet know about our presence, but they are naturally also only eager to enjoying the spectacular celestial phenomenon, where both stars are darkened, at a time of year when the near galaxy dominates the same area of the sky. One of the solar eclipses is as impressive as our own, and creates the classic dark reddish light far away in the atmosphere at the end of the large core shadow. This whole event happens while this star has an unusual activity and emits enormous solar prominence. The giant tower we see on top of the hill is a central place of research and observation for the peaceful and highly intelligent inhabitants of the planet. All windows are dark in the large halls, where all lights are off for maximum enjoyment of the magical sight.

Published by

Einar Charles Larsen

My interest in science started when I was five, when I found a science book soaked with rain water in the forest. I dreamed to be an AstroArt artist since childhood, but I live in a monetary world where money is needed to live. AstroArt didn’t seem like the best business then, so I opted to the next best thing, use my artistic talents on graphic services for advertisement. Now, many years later, I feel that it's time to pay attention to my true passion, where I feel more at home. Creating Astroarts and share it to the world to inspire others to learn more about the landscape beyond our cosmic home, the Earth. I wrote the book “Mr. Nobrain and the Environment” for the same reason. I'm a perfectionist, born before high-tech cell phones was out in the market but nowadays I enjoy a bit of modern lifestyle by spending time in the internet and hanging out in social media whenever possible.

This artwork is copyright © Einar Charles Larsen. All rights reserved.