Khor Kalmat Lagoon

Images of Earth from Space provide endless reference material for abstract art enthusiasts. Some ‘Earthscapes’ can closely represent the actual image; others, only vaguely. This acrylic/canvas of the Khor Kalmat Lagoon on the coast of Pakistan was copied from the photo by pouring all but the lagoon, sea portions & fine lines. I find many Earthscapes are more easily poured and a fun way to paint.

Published by

Corinne Cowan

Art has been a life long hobby. Space art was discovered after coming upon the Rosette Nebula in 2005. Twelve years later I am retired from private business and spending more time with art, writing and gardening. Presently, I am most intrigued with the images of Earth as seen from outer space. I try to pour parts of a painting to get a free flowing effect.

This artwork is copyright © Corinne Cowan. All rights reserved.