Jupiter (Circles on Canvas Portfolio)

This is a hand painted version of a digital portrait of Jupiter. I was so looking forward to painting it but, as the project progressed, I began to feel less and less in love with it until about the half-way point when I was sorely tempted to trash the canvas. I’ve been in this position before on other hand painted projects, but never to the depths that I was feeling for this one. Experience told me to persevere so I gamely slogged forwards, until the point that I felt I’d finished it. I still wasn’t in love with it…something wasn’t quite right, despite how good it looked. So I did what thousands of other artists have done in the past – I walked away from it for an hour or two. Came back and then realised what it needed. I darkened the edges of Jupiter. Painting a deeper shade of the lighter background colour a couple of inches around the gas planet was what it needed. The painting popped into life.

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Jackie Burns

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