JunoCam Image Processing

This is an image of Jupiter that I processed for the JunoCam website. It got approved and published on the website today. I worked on combining the Blue, Green and Red versions of the same raw image in Adobe Photoshop in order to create the RGB version. From there I started tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation…etc in order to bring out the details of the gas giant and add more color to it. Attached is the raw image as it was captured by JunoCam.

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Tariq Shaar

Growing up in my home country, Palestine, I was fascinated by the night sky and the thousands of tiny twinkling stars that spread across the expanse of space above us. Our house was located outside the city, which meant no light pollution or obstacles to affect the view of the night sky. I was lucky to be able to enjoy this scene every night when I was a child and it triggered my love and passion for space ever since. I am Tariq Zeyad a 31-year old digital artist and astronomy enthusiast from Palestine currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. Although I graduated with a degree in English literature, my passion has always been art, and over the last few years, I have been producing various space artwork some of which was featured by NASA on the official Facebook page of the Hubble Space Telescope in 2016. I am also an active volunteer in the field of astronomy and translation as part of NASA in Arabic, an initiative whose primary mission is to translate astronomy and science articles from English to Arabic to promote the love for and awareness of astronomy and science in the Arab world.

This artwork is copyright © Tariq Shaar. All rights reserved.