Interiors in the Habitat on Mars

Avoid Perchlorates at all cost. Mars dust is toxic and will do significant damage to the thyroid glands. Items will be handled with care in this Inlet Laboratory.
A fun ward room is featured on the top floor.
Design by SEArch+. Image, Environment, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering, done by Myself. Rendered using Pixar.

Published by

Jason Riley

I studied Technical, Life-science and General Illustration at Falmouth and left with a distinction in 1992. For twenty years I have been involved with a lot of imaginative artwork in AAA computer games titles, but I knew that creating for Science visuals was something I dearly missed. So I set up on my own to focus on my dreams of representing new and amazing discoveries particularly in Space Exploration in both Illustration and Animation forms. My most recent work has been for SEArch + and Apis Cor. These are Architects and Engineers who have an extremely positive goal to produce Space Habitats for NASA. I hope to visualise more imagery like this in future.

This artwork is copyright © Jason Riley. All rights reserved.