“Ice Planet at the Rim”

This pointillism piece depicts an ice planet situated at the very edge, or rim, of the Milky Way. Four small moons are visible around the ice planet, along with a orbiting planetoid that has begun to break up due to the planet’s gravitational pull that will eventually form a thin, rocky ring. Large and violent electrical storms are visible on the planet’s dark side and can be seen through the cloud band layers of the atmosphere. The star the planet orbits is slightly hotter and brighter than our own sun. The point of view is looking outward beyond the star and toward the rim. The neighboring stars are few and dispersed, and cannot be seen due to the brightness of the star the ice planet orbits. This 10”x16” pointillism piece was created using 0.4mm watercolor and white acrylic ink pens on illustration board.

Published by

Michael d'Albertis

This artwork is copyright © Michael d'Albertis. All rights reserved.