Launched in the 1970s, the ISEE-3 spacecraft comes around the moons in its nearest approach to Earth in decades as the IEEE-3 Reboot Team attempts to re-establish communication and control. Image created in ElectricImage and Photoshop for IEEE-3 Reboot Project fundraising. Complete details on the 2014 act of space piracy here-http://spacecollege.org/isee3/ © 2014 Mark Maxwell

Published by

Mark Maxwell

Mark Maxwells work has been seen around the globe, and occasionally off it. From multiple exhibitions at the Smithsonians Air and Space Museum to the first art exhibit in earth orbit aboard Space Station MIR, Maxwells work for NASA and numerous other space agencies and private space companies have kept him busy along with his work in SF and game publishing. As a member of both the LOIRP Team (Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project) and the ISEE-3 Reboot Project, Maxwell earned merit badges in Techno-Archeology and Space Piracy. When this self-taught artist is not pushing pigments or pixels around, he's often found experimenting with loud, low frequencies on a Fender Jazz bass.

This artwork is copyright © Mark Maxwell. All rights reserved.