Hey, Neighbor !! Andromeda Galaxy

Hey, neighbor! Andromeda, our Milky Way, and Triangulum are part of the Local Group that also contains a number of smaller galaxies. Andromeda, a one trillion star spiral galaxy, captured using a conventional palette will collide with us in 4-5 billion years. Tickets, anyone?

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Ken Naiff

I grew up in Sussex, England, in a countryside peppered with primroses and bluebells, and watched orbiting Sputnik through a small telescope in 1957. This was the beginning of my life-long interest in astronomy. After a highly successful 26 year technical career in electronic engineering and digital systems, being awarded 7 U.S. patents, and leading the U.S. effort to convert analog television systems to digital, I moved to Arizona in 2004 to pursue my passions for astronomy. Astrophotography began in earnest for me in 2006 and after a steep and comprehensive learning curve, in 2014 my first images were ready for public display. My work has been well received and I have been privileged to be a guest speaker at several universities including the New Mexico State University at Las Cruses and Wichita State University. I also give presentations to local grade schools, community colleges, civic groups, and digital camera clubs. Currently, my work can be viewed at On the Edge Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona. I have also been designated as the “Artist in Residence” at Soho, a work-live community, Scottsdale, Arizona.

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