2016 acrylic on canvas — 48 x 48 inches — — Once our sun ceases its thermonuclear reactions that make it shine, it will grow into a red giant and will engulf mercury and venus and very likely earth, at which point life on earth will end. All life on earths final destination is where it all began, our beautiful ball of fire we orbit! What better thing to give us purpose, passion and resolution! This mandala gives praise to our wonderful powerhouse of energy and light that has created all life we know. “With light as the original cosmic source of energy and chlorophyll as the catalyzer, the plant is able to produce an organic substance- our food- from water and carbon dioxide. In the process of human digestion, the food is broken down again into carbon dioxide and water, and the same amount of energy is released and made available to the body as had been taken in during photosynthesis. All things are built and maintained with light as the source of energy. The thought processes of the human brain are also fed from this energy source, so that the human spirit and mind – our consciousness- represent light’s highest, most sublime stage of energetic transformation.” -A. Hofmann

Published by

Sean Yarbrough

Born and raised in Colorado, Sean’s first and foremost artistic inspiration stems from his father, Carl, whose career as a professional freelance photographer enabled him to travel the world, and experience beautiful, wild landscapes, unique cultures, and top athletes. Carl's lifelong dedication to his creative path continues to inspire Sean to this day. Sean’s journey as an artist was profoundly impacted by Michael Hollenbach, his high school art teacher, who first exposed Sean to ceramics and sculpture. Hollenbach was an accomplished ceramic slab artist, whose meticulously constructed sculptures were an inspiration to Sean. While attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, Sean embarked on his career as an artist, exploring various themes ranging from hallucinatory dreamlike states and visions, to environmental destruction, human consciousness, consumption and its impact on the world. These sculptures and paintings were just the beginning of his search into human perspectives of spirit and our relation to the cosmic universe. After moving back to the front range post graduation, Sean traveled through Asia experiencing vibrant foreign cultures, landscapes, art and spirituality. In 2014, after returning from his travels, Sean began dedicating a great deal of time to meditation and his painting practice. Shortly after this, he attended a Visionary Art Intensive with Alex and Allyson Grey in Rhinebeck NY. Alex's artwork has always been one of Sean's greatest inspirations. Being able to work with, and learn from, him and Allyson on multiple occasions, has been a trans-formative turning point, which further fueled his artistic passion and practice. Sean continues to push the boundaries of three-dimensional painting, with manifold complex layers of textures and transparencies. As he continues to explore multiple series and themes, his progression shows great advancement in concepts, techniques and ideas. The series contained within this portfolio portray scenes of radical transformation of the light, energy, spirit and consciousness within the bigger picture of the infinite and mysterious cosmos. Sean reminds us of our deep connection with the earth and the cosmos through surreal, visionary, and abstracted astro imagery. Interweaving narratives of colorful nebulae, fiery suns, luminous galaxies, star maps, and more, Sean aims to show the complexity of the visionary realms us beings of light are so blessed to experience. Beings capable of achieving and sharing infinite love, compassion, wisdom, understanding, joy and ultimately enlightenment.

This artwork is copyright © Sean Yarbrough. All rights reserved.