Going Through Turbulence

A woman pilot is on a mission through a distant interstellar medium, and when entering a nebula her ship ends up suffering a strong turbulence and being struck by strong electromagnetic storms, most likely caused by a wormhole hidden inside the nebula. I made this illustration in honor of the films: Contact, 1997 (with Jodie Foster), and the animated feature films Titan A.E., 2000 (FOX Studios Animation Film) and Interstella 5555, 2003 (Musical Movie from Daft Punk’s Discovery Album).

Published by

Lucas Rodrigues

I am an illustrator, artist, freelance graphic designer and amateur astronomer, and I mainly work in the illustration market. I love astronomy, space art and science fiction, and also e-music, rock ‘n’ roll, games, and my illustrations are usually geared towards space art, sci fi and children’s illustration. I have an academic degree in Physics Bachelor’s and Graphic Design. My taste for astronomy, dinosaurs, and related subjects also began when I was a child, where I watched many science fiction films, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, among others, and bought many magazines of paleontology and archeology to read, collected many dinosaur toys, precious and semiprecious stones! And he bought a number of amateur astronomy and science fiction books to read, such as “Cosmos” and “Cometa” by Carl Sagan, for example, in which the illustrations from these books inspired me to also enjoy space art, and consequently to meet the IAAA and to contemplate the works of its member artists! In my space art and science fiction projects, my focus is usually on the design of the environment and the techniques of matte painting (hyperrealistic painting of scenarios). I hope you immerse yourself in my thematic universe with me!

This artwork is copyright © Lucas Rodrigues. All rights reserved.