Genesis 2018

Painted in 2005, this shows an early concept of the Orion capsule orbiting the Moon. Optimistically, I was hoping it would be flying by now! Acrylics on canvas board.

Published by

Matt Colborn

Matt Colborn is a freelance writer, painter and academic with a background in cognitive science and a deep love of the cosmos. His first fiction was published in Interzone in 2001 and his short story collection, City in the Dusk, appeared in 2013. The story 'Labyrinth of the Sun' was a prizewinner in the 2017 British Fantasy Society short story competition. He is a self-taught space artist, who has also illustrated some of his stories. He likes to work in mixed media, with real paints and in photoshop.

This artwork is copyright © Matt Colborn. All rights reserved.