Gender Neutral Martian

Oil paint on board with epoxy coating finish. While drawing and redrawing [with paint] this portrait of a Martian astronaut – done in jade green- the face decided it didn’t need to be obviously female or male. I imagine on other planets that fluidity of gender, like many animals here on Earth, would be better served to the entire populace. The students at the private high school really gravitated to that title.

Published by

Jennifer Benn

J.Benn received her MFA from Syracuse University. While there she began making technology and "space art" her content/focus of her large oil paintings. A long time sci-fi fan and GenX'er she is interested in the history of the early space programs as well as what is planned for the future. Benn was invited to NASA's Michaud facility as a social promoter and is a currently NASA JPL social ambassador. Benn has over 20 years of college art teaching experience and currently teaches pt at Maine College of Art. Recent pieces include a 6-panel screen piece about the Mercury XIII and a large oil painting celebrating the herstory of Valentina Tereshkova.

This artwork is copyright © Jennifer Benn. All rights reserved.