Freddo And Gordo

The test orbiter Enterprise on final approach during the ALT flights in 1977 with Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton at the controls.

Acrylics on 22×28 canvas

Published by

Brian Fiore

Although he did take some drawing classes in college, where he chafed at having to draw "bowls of fruit all the time", Brian is mostly self taught... having returned to art after a long (25 years!) hiatus. His main medium for painting is acrylics because he likes the convenience and versatility, but he does "dabble" in spray paint art from time to time. He also draws in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils... in fact, his first real sale was a colored pencil drawing of the Apollo-Soyuz mission! He also enjoys rendering Aviation subjects and Seascapes. He cites as his main influences Ken Marschall (Titanic historian and artist), Ron Miller, Robert McCall, but perhaps most of all, Ludek Pesek . Brian has worn many hats in his life, including bass guitarist for a heavy metal band, U.S. Army Paratrooper and Patriot Missile Launcher Technician, International Airline agent and is currently employed as a Diesel Locomotive Engineer (Engine Driver) for Canadian Pacific Railway. His hobbies, besides artwork, are scale modelling, playing guitars and bass, and reading; mostly about spaceflight, WW2 and general history. He is also the founder and chief administrator for the Facebook Group "Skylab And Seventies Space Enthusiasts" (SASSE). Brian lives with his wife Eun Ju and daughter Julie in Wheeling, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

This artwork is copyright © Brian Fiore. All rights reserved.