Field Sketches

These are a few of dozens of pencil sketches done in the field. Not only do I find these good reference for painting landscapes of other planets, I value them on their own as moments frozen for me that I can re-visit to sharpen my memories of places and events. I love the exposed geology of the American southwest. Processes are so clearly evident. Nothing can hide.

Published by

Joel Hagen

An award-winning artist and animator, Joel Hagen is a founding member of the IAAA. He is a MER collaborator, part of the Opportunity rover science operations team and has produced image products for the Opportunity, Phoenix and Pathfinder missions. A retired computer graphics instructor, Joel works with digital and traditional media as well as 3D printing and print surface treatments. Joel also designs extra-terrestrial life forms and biomes. His work has appeared on PBS, BBC, NHK in Japan, Discovery and National Geographic channels.

This artwork is copyright © Joel Hagen. All rights reserved.