Far from The Galaxy. Canvas, 70×110. 1990.

The full title of this artwork is “Far from The Galaxy: The Red Dwarf warms its icy Planet.” This painting (oil, canvas, 70×110 cm) was published in textbooks, featured in print/ broadcast media, and exhibited in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Published by

Zina Sviderskiene

ZINA GENOVAITE SVIDERSKIENE, Ph. D. in Astrophysics (1972). Senior Researcher at Vilnius University Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (1968-1992; 1997-2004). Director of Vilnius Planetarium (1992-1997). Science popularization included nine astronomy books (author, editor, illustrator), 1000+ articles in print and online media, 500+ media appearances/ interviews, public lectures, and exhibitions of astronomical artwork (over 150 oil paintings since 1966).

This artwork is copyright © Zina Sviderskiene. All rights reserved.