“End of the Earth” 80×100 cm, A.O.C, 2019

Name: “END OF THE EARTH” Size: 80 x100 cm, Acrylic on Canvas,2019, Antalya, TURKEY Description of Piece: This was the oldiest painting of mine. In these days, my thoughts become nearer on how we are not caring the planet that we live on. Even on the last day of the world, if we fall from the earth into space, our only thing to hug is the charging cable. We do not care about the planet we live in as much as our dependence on technology. Much more than the digital requirements that we need to consider as we approach the end.

Published by

Müzeyyen Abika

It began when Muzeyyen was just a small child; her eyes were afixed to the glowing skies - the sky that captured her imagination and took her to places that one can only ever dream of going. To Muzeyyen; the universe is captivating, limitless and boundless – beyond grasp or comprehension. In her art, these are the areas she chooses to dance. Background: Müzeyyen ABIKA was born on the 29th of November, 1987 in a town called Kahramanmaras, Turkey. After completing her high school education she attended Kütahya Dumlupinar University majoring in Tile Art & Design. From there she moved on to Akdeniz University studying in the Faculty of Fine Arts and is expecting to graduate in June of 2020. Müzeyyen has participated in a number of painting and original print exhibitions and shows whilst exploring a plethora of ideas and concepts. Müzeyyen’s primary interest however; falls in the realm of space art. With its mix of realism and impressionism coupled with abstract ideas – space art is only limited by the confines of what we know and what we can imagine collectively. Alien beauty, spirituality, human limitation, expedition and hardware are all ideas that Müzeyyen plays with when conceptualising her ideas. Unfortunately, there are no organisations or institutions that teach or assist in expanding knowledge for Space Art in Turkey and it is Muzeyyen’s goal to eventually become one of the first official enthusiasts and voices for Space Art in Turkey. EDUCATION 2005 Kahramanmaraş Anatolian High School (4 years) 2007 Kütahya Dumlupınar University – Germiyan Campus / Department: “Tile Art and Design” (2 years) 2016 Distance Education Faculty / Department : High School of Justice (2 years) EXHIBITIONS COMPOSITE EXHIBITIONS 2005 Kahramanmaraş- Exhibition in Kahramanmaraş Culture Center, ANTALYA 2007 Kütahya Dumlupınar University Germiyan Campus- Exhibition of Student’s Works, ANTALYA 2016 Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts – Carving Linolium - Exhibition of Student’s Works, ANTALYA 2017 Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts ‘One Hundred Percent’ - Exhibition of Student’s Works, ANTALYA 2018 Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts 3.Traditional ’Nevruz‘ Student Group Exhibition, ANTALYA SYMPOSIUMS AND WORKSHOPS 2016 Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts, Workshop of Theatrical Masks and Hand Puppets, ANTALYA 2017 Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts, Workshop of Children’s Theatrical Masks , ANTALYA INFLUENCES AND ARTWORK Müzeyyen ABIKA is an expressionist painter. She is impressed by Chesley Bonestell’s art works. Although she paints illustrative, she cares about the global warming. Since her childhood, she watched the Constellations and is consumed by the stars – she has an interest in Quantum Physics and reads lots of articles on the subject. She started to sketch and draw at an early stage in her childhood, around 5 years old. At first, she didn’t know anything about astronomical art – in fact she hadn’t even heard much about it. She discovered it in the middle of 2018, when she saw Chesley Bonestell’s art works at which point she researched his biography, and Müzeyyen began to paint on the concept of astronomy too. It was then she discovered the IAAA, and was really suprised and excited to see that web site. Upon exploring some of the work at IAAA, she was incredibly impressed by the IAAA artists, their artworks works on Space Art and eagerly wanted to become a member of that community. Müzeyyen wants to become a realist descriptive space artist and is currently painting illustrative expressionist space art works. Müzeyyen wants to do astoronomical paintings following in the footsteps of Chesley Bonestell’s works and wants to be a realist destrictive space artist. “Art is long, life is short, occasions fleeting, experiences misleading, judgement difficult” - Hippocrates

This artwork is copyright © Müzeyyen Abika. All rights reserved.