Enceladus Expedition

Majestic Saturn looms large in the ‘sky’ of one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus. Plumes from geysers of Enceladus rise up and catch the sunlight. This is an imaginary expedition where plans have had to be changed, due to detecting unexpected and potential biological signature in this area. They have come on a tight budget. These explorers are having to use tethered walkways due to extreme low gravity (they otherwise could jump into orbit!). Astronauts at the back on the right have made an exciting discovery which is being recorded by the nearby astronaut filming the occasion. Beside him, another astronaut is drilling for an ice core. Far away is a small lander with two more astronauts.The main spacecraft is in orbit out of sight. Astronomers believe there could be a subterranean ocean. Here I have painted the discovery area nearby a strange formation of ice extrusion. Perhaps they have found evidence of life from deep beneath the icy crust. Footnote: As I am deaf, I think of myself as the astronaut drilling, he is unaware of the unfolding drama and misses the momentous discovery. It could be due to his radio not working etc. I have had many moments in which I’ve missed out due to my deafness.

acrylics on canvas board 76cm x 51cm

Published by

Richard Bizley

This artwork is copyright © Richard Bizley. All rights reserved.