Dust Storm on Titan (Hardy)

Because of the inaccuracy of the release by ESA/JPL announcing the discovery of a dust storm on Saturn’s moon Titan, I produced a more accurate version (as has Mark Garlick, now). The light levels are very low out there, so some artist’s license is necessary!

Published by

David A. Hardy

Former President and currently European Vice President of the IAAA. Art first published in 1952, freelance since 1965. Writer, editor and designer of 'Visions of Space', 1989. Other major books: 'Hardyware', 2001, Futures: 50 Years in Space (with Sir Patrick Moore) 2004, etc., etc. See: http://www.astroart.org/#!hardy-profile/c1a9q

This artwork is copyright © David A. Hardy. All rights reserved.